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Types of Sessions

  1. Panel Discussion: 90-minute session consisting of three to five individuals discussing theories or perspectives on a given topic. Panels should be inherently coherent in presenting a substantial body of research or a research question. Chair duties may be performed by one of the speakers.
  2. Paper Presentation: 30-minute presentation of one or more speakers presenting on a topic. Presentations should allow at least 5 to 10 minutes for questions from the audience.
  3. Co-Lab Session (*): 20-minute presentation for describing in 10 minutes project, research, or collaboration initiatives in their developing or formative stages, and 10 minutes for interactive discussion and feedback from the audience. This session is intended to either solicit comment from peers or to advertise the release of a new project, dataset, or tool.
  4. Lighting Talks: 5-minute session for presenting a single project, demonstrating technology or pitching ideas, and connecting with other delegates.
  5. Alternative Format: If you have innovative ideas for session formats, please include these in your proposal. Proposals in this category must: 1) specify the format and session facilitator and 2) describe briefly how the format will enhance presentation of the material. You may suggest up to four presenters for the session.
  6. Workshops: We welcome proposals for workshops lasting either a half day or a whole day integrated into the Congress programme. All individuals, PCOM project managers, Expert Groups, Sections, and Regional Branches wishing to run a workshop must apply following the conference submission process. These sessions will be limited to 20-25 participants. There will be no official provision for translation; facilitators are welcome and encouraged to make their own arrangements for translation of oral and written material.
  7. Facilitators will be expected to provide a set of learning outcomes, which should be articulated in the proposal. Workshop facilitators whose proposals are chosen for delivery at the congress will be required to include a workshop evaluation in accordance with the ICA’s Training Programme procedures. The ICA Training Officer will provide support to the facilitators